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Greg Steward works with FOCUS (Friends for Overseas Citizens and University Students) at Portland State University and is employed by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

He also coordinates the tax help seminars for international students and scholars at PSU.

Greg is a life-long resident of Beaverton, Oregon. Growing up he lived at 4850 SW 160th near Farmington Road.

He is the son of Ernest and Naomi Steward and has two sisters, Kathie (Dalton) and Sharon (Klump).

In the first grade he went to Beaver Acres Elementary. He was at Aloha Park Elementary from grades two through six. He attended Highland Park Junior High for the seventh grade and then went to newly opened Mountain Park Junior High in the eighth and ninth grades. His high school years were at Aloha High School.

He studied mathematics and physics his freshmen year at Pacific University in Forest Grove and then changed majors to Music Theory. He received a Master of Arts in Church Education from Western Seminary.

He married Kathy Wilson in 1983 and has four children: Kristin (1985), Dylan (1987), Sophie (2002) and Carly (2004).

While attending Western Seminary he began work as a book keeper for Gary G. LaRue Construction. He staying in the field of accounting for over twenty years, working at Davon Trucking, Air Van Lines, JH Awards, and Technical Marine Service.

In 1995, he became involved with FOCUS (Friends for Overseas Citizens and University Students) and through that organization began meeting many international students and scholars at Portland State University. In 2001 he began serving with FOCUS full-time working through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

He became a Christian in the ninth grade and began attending Beaverton Christian Church (1970-1982, 1984-1986). Since then he has also attended Hillside Bible Church (1982-1984), West Hills Covenant Church (1986-1996), and Cedar Mill Bible Church (1996 to present).

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